Children’s Society Film – Looking Back

Work that I have done on Children’s Society Project 

Yesterday, I have finally got my Children’s Society film exported for Monday 19th June. Working on the animation was very challenging and the coloring did take quite a lot of time to get finished, but I was able to get through the process and I think that I have a developed a movie that presents elements of realism and surrealism, showing how something terrible effects a person’s life and how it presents their emotions through their thoughts.

Exporting the film

I also wanted to make the style look like viewers are looking at an illustrated storybook, very much like what you see in Beatrix Potter books or even Quentin Blake for instance. They both did illustrations in watercolor and rather than drawing it on the entire paper, They left out a lot of blank space, which is very simple and not complicated that is exactly what I have done with my film. The only difference is that I am using that certain style through animation, whilst also presenting sequences of camera shots. In a way,  I am bringing a storybook to life, but through movement.


Beatrix Potter – Peter Rabbit

Quentin Blake – The BFG

Background Designs

During the film process, I had also developed another few designs, the first two is of the main protagonist (The Girl) looking down from a balcony of the Tate Modern in Bankside, which I decided to use as a way of showing her emotional state.

Background drawing Design 1

This other design is a far away view of the Girl looking down, showing the background where she is standing behind.

Background drawing Design 2

Background Design 3

Other designs include

The background of the family home.

The background of Southwark Bridge,

View from the River Thames

Background of the Airport

More Character Designs 

Character Design of the Girl in different clothing

Character Design of the Father in different clothing

Character Design of the Father and his expressions

Dream Sequence frame from film

This sequence shows my main protagonist falling into despair as her life is suddenly falling apart showing a place of complete emptiness.

References for the sequence

I took inspiration, especially from the whole black and white backdrop from Frank Miller’s classic gaphic novel The Dark Knight Returns (1986), where Bruce Wayne realizes that the Bat is still taking over him after years of retirement.

Frank Miller, Klaus Janson, Lynn Varley – The Dark Knight Returns

Frank Miller, Klaus Janson, Lynn Varley – The Dark Knight Returns

Eye Ball frame from film 

The Eye ball sequence, goes into the girl’s state of mind, when she’s suddenly losing all hope. 


Sequence from Darren Aronofsky’s drama, Requiem for a Dream (2000), which I was inspired by camera shots of the eye.

Pigeon Flying into the Sun frame from film

This shows the Pigeon flying into the sun as a way of symbolizing hope.


Before I came up with this sequence, I took a look at Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions Logo, which was produced by Acme Filmworks and directed by Gianluigi Toccafondo and I was absolutely blown away by how beautiful the movement and style of the animation is and I said to myself “I really want to do something like this” so that was how I came up with the idea of having a Feral pigeon being presented as a symbol of hope as part of my film.

Short video of me working on finishing touches of the film. 

With the amount of work and research that I have put into this project, I am happy to say that I am pleased with my final version of the film.

I hope that people will like it and understand its message.

Thank you all very much.

Nicholas Costelloe

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